• Jakub

End of Live different.?

I failed. I didn't fulfill the most of expectations that I set to myself when I have started Live different. Is my lifetime project going to end before it even started? Even though I know there is just a very little amount of things that we can actually control in the life, I did the same mistake again. I set a very high aim project regarding the time taken and I didn't allow myself to get off the track even when I was from the very start. Always late, always behind...

You might have seen my prank excuse video from the NASA spaceship. But let's be honest...

I thought that I will spend 100% of time working on the project when I get to back the Czech Republic. But I was looking through rose-tinted glasses because the reality is much different when you actually come back to your home country after 5 years. Much different...

I don't think it's necessary to write here a list of whatever I had been through. Basically, a lot of urgent things had to be done and all those things took me lots of time. Weeks were passing and I was just farther and farther from the track that I set to my project. That made me obviously quite anxious and depressed again and everything got even worst.

I just wasn't able to move it forward as I planned due to my extremely high expectations and low amount of time... Yes, I am a dreamer...

I have spent a lot of money and all my time while stressing about my project instead of enjoying the time with the friends & family fully. Last few months were a big failure and a huge lesson for me.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." //Winston Churchill

It's great to fail as long as you learn. You fail you grow and I take those times as my graduation from LIFE's university even though I know there will be many other difficult degrees to be undertaken!

I might have wasted most of my time in Czech regarding Live different. But it definitely wasn't wasted entirely. I had spent the joyful times with my family members and friends. I met an amazing lady and managed to bring order into pretty much parts of my chaotic life which I consider to be a necessary step in intention to help someone else and make my dream to come true. I have realized a lot. For example, I am shit in writing blogs in English :D

“You never help anyone without helping yourself. You never pick up anyone without making yourself stronger.” //Debasish Mridha

So you are right. This is not the end of Live different. I just didn't manage to start properly yet. At the moment we are settling down in Bristol and I am building the routine that will allow me to move all this thing forward. I provide myself with an additional year to achieve points that meant to be achieved by end of 2018. Now it seems much more doable! You can expect some more content very soon. But you know me... I might be late :D ...PEACE


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