About the project


On the beginning, it was just another IDEA in my overthinking head. I wasn't happy in my current job and with my current LIFE neither. The idea had a very deep potential for my crying soul and I kept thinking it through until it suddenly turned into the project & my dream at the same time. The fact you are reading this page means that the project Live different has been launched and I am determined to keep going no matter what and risk everything to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Dreams don't have deadlines... so NEVER GIVE UP!


What is the aim?

  • LEARN all the skills I will need to realize it

  • SHOW you the way from the scratch

  • INSPIRE you to chase after your dreams

  • ENTERTAIN & make you wonder

  • HELP wherever life takes me

  • VLOG it, Blog it, Spread it!

What is the plan?

The project has two parts. I will use my weaknesses as strengths. What does it mean? Well...












I don't even know English very well. Most of the English I know I've learned while working in the UK warehouse so don't be surprised with my grammar and limited vocabulary I have. 


And I will be honest with you so you have a full picture of the situation. Last few years I had been depressed and anxious. My confidence got down to zero or even below. I wasn't comfortable to talk even to my family and friends. Closed and lost in my chaotic mind. I didn't believe in anything I decided to do. Since I started to accept my new "depressed me" things are getting a bit better. I have finally realized that I need a big change and that it's quite urgent. Now it's maybe better with me but I am still experiencing those bad feelings on a daily bases.  You can probably imagine how challenging it will be to make cool confident vlogs in the language I don't even know properly.


''I had an idea. The idea became a dream and now is the time to make a dream come true.''

Introducing live different.

Part I

Learning & Getting ready


In this part, I want to show you that if you have a dream, you don't have to always wait for the best conditions. Sometimes all you really need is to start and it's not even about intensity. It's about consistency. You can start right now and make it happen. Until end of 2022 it's gonna be the PART I of the project.


What does this include? to...


  • Reveal who I am throughout blogs & videos

  • Get all equipment needed

  • Get the finance resources & partners

  • Learn to shoot videos & snap photos

  • Learn to edit & cut videos

  • Learn to blog & vlog

  • Gain certain views/followers

  • Improve my English language 

  • Get ready for the CORE of this project --> THE PART II


Planned destinations 


  • Czech Republic (home, traveling)

  • Netherlands (trip)

  • United Kingdom (working)

  • Iceland (working)


And probably more! Update at the end of 2019!

Part II

Live different.

The core of the initial idea


Maybe you have noticed that I actually did not clearly reveal what is the main idea behind the project Live different. Partly, it should be a surprise and also with me, you never know. Anything can change. My head is overflowing with ideas and life is bringing changes every day.


Anyway, I will give you two hints now:


  • I am gonna travel far across the world

  • I am gonna help those who actually need it


As we will get closer and closer to the end of 2022 you will see in the blogs and videos more and more details until I will introduce it officially in depth.


Most of the details will be planned in the second half of 2022. I have no idea where I am gonna be at that point.






The story

Are you curious why I have created this project? How did it come to my mind?


Make a delicious cup of tea or coffee, sit down to your comfy sofa or just do whatever else because it doesn't matter... Anyway, the story can begin...


The matter of fact is that two months before I have launched "Live different."

I didn't have a clue I will ever do something like this. Let's move to those times so you understand my "WHY" better.


Well, I got stuck and became stagnant in the job I didn't enjoy. I was trying to achieve something I've never wanted in my life and I let other people drive me the way I didn't want to go. I let them and other circumstances to change that awesome, positive and confident person with a big dream to an exhausted introvert and depressed wretch. 


And then at one point, it was just too much and I said STOP to myself. I said I need to take control of my life again and make a big change. To say my opinion, make the decision and do something fulfilling again...


So I resigned from the job and started to plan my trips with a final destination somewhere far away, where I imagined myself volunteer and help those who actually need it. I didn't need to know what I want to do in my entire life. I knew what I don't want to do and the only thing I wanted was to be HAPPY again.


It was only one decision.


The huge change in my life has begun. Day by day I was thinking about that journey more and more. I always enjoyed taking photos on the iPhone. I had a thought about writing my own blog. Than about making the videos as we travel so that means starting the vlog. I was thinking:


"We gonna travel so I will need everything very compact. I love Apple so why not to be original and travel around the world, help others and capture it everything on iPhone?"


Do you know what motto used Steve Jobs many years ago for Apple? It was:


"Think different." and I absolutely love it!


So why not to Think different & Live different? 


As you can see everything went pretty quick. Important is the part with the decision. You need to decide to be HAPPY if you are not. You don't need to know what you want to do in your entire life. If you are not happy now, just change it, get happy and you will find your way.




If you are going through some really difficult times in your life. Sooner or later it WILL BE OVER and then you will probably realize that it was at the same time one of the BEST experiences in your LIFE.


Good or bad? Are those expressions even REAL?


I would say that the answer is NO. I thought that the last few years of my life really sucked. I thought that is bad to be depressed and anxious... that is very bad when you CAN'T FEEL LOVE to anyone...when you don’t love EVEN YOURSELF and you are trapped within your mind which is making your absolutely crazy. Well, it's not ideal...But there is a question.

Was that actually bad?


No... it was what it was. And now I know those “bad” times are the most valuable lessons in my life. Without those experiences I would never realize that no money or things of this world can EVER make you happy.


Without those, I wouldn’t know the direction of my life.


I am 25 and I can say with the peace in my heart that I know where I go. I know the way of my life. I know what to do so one day when I am gonna lie one last times within my body on the death bed I will smile and say to myself:


“You have lived Jacob, rest in peace”


Why do we only rest in peace?


 Why don't we live in peace too?



© 2020 by Live different.