"What an interesting game...

...that life is"

- Jakub Klouda

WHat the heck?

I still didn't work out who the heck I am.

I wander through life experimenting with all sorts of stuff, looking for answers, and trying to be nice while doing so. My English doesn't come from school, so don't look for perfection here. I love games with words in any language I know, so I hope you will get my point when I use it extraordinarily. 

Anyway, in everyday reality that I wake up to, I play some role as everyone else does. Apparently, I am Jakub.

Few words to describe me...


  • Photographer & Filmmaker amateur

  • Dreamer that almost stopped believing 

  • An extreme person looking for balance

  • Crazy guy with a hint of sense

  • A rebel who likes to do it his way 

  • Tourist that gets lost in his own head

  • Believer in Omnism, Nature & Love

  • Co-founder of procrastination 

  • ​The human who wants to learn new things

  • The one that seeks discomfort

Did you know that Matrix is a documentary?

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''I believe that there is something more waiting for us out there than what they tell us in school, family and media"

- Jakub Klouda

I create what I want. 

That's what I love about this!



In my life, I've already done a loads of things that just didn't feel right. Those times are gone. We only live once and the time is passing by quickly. Perhaps, NOW is the right time to follow my soul.


I do it just for you and my own joy.


And yes, for high-quality equipment I pay the money I don't have.


In for a penny, in for a pound! That's the way I've always been. I know that if I put enough effort in, one day, it will all pay off. But it's not just me. It is in your hands too!


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2nd episode is OUT!



Well well, I really didn't expect such a change just before I leave.


At least I got my "goodbye cakes" 😃


By the way... What's your opinion of shopping nowadays?  🤨



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