"I am just a little boy looking for answers"

- Jakub Klouda

...to many questions

What is

"Live different"?

On the beginning, it was just another IDEA in my overthinking head. I wasn't happy in my current job and with my current LIFE neither. The idea had a very deep potential for my crying soul and I kept thinking it through until it suddenly turned into the project & my dream at the same time. The fact you are reading this page means that the project Live different has been launched and I am determined to keep going no matter what and risk everything to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Dreams don't have deadlines... so NEVER GIVE UP!


My AIM is to

  • LEARN all the skills I will need to realize it

  • SHOW you the way from the scratch

  • INSPIRE you to chase after your dreams

  • ENTERTAIN & make you wonder

  • HELP wherever life takes me

  • VLOG it, Blog it, Spread it!


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I have never done any of those things before.

 I want to prove that you can start now, from the scratch and make it happen.

- Jakub Klouda

The goal is TO BE HAPPY

not rich!


Simply, I just want to be HAPPY again! Everything is well planned and it is part of the journey to earn enough money to make it happen.


If I could do what I love & what makes me happy and later get paid for it that would be absolutely AMAZING.

But if not?


I'll still be happy so what else do I need?




Anyway, if you like my idea and everything that I am gonna do, you can SUPPORT ME and help me to get a step closer to my DREAM.



Watch the latest vlog

1st Vlog is finally here.


I know...more than a 1 year delay... classic Jacob isn't it?


This should be more like a positive and energetic come back. But after a few weeks of trying to do so, I've figured out that I am not able to do it that way... it would be fake and I want it real...even if real = shit. Peace ✌️

...next video will be definitely before next year... I promise 😄



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